The value of brand consistency

Adherence to brand guidelines enables the execution of the visual language to be applied consistently. But, what are the advantages to rigorous brand consistency? Brand recognition. Outward bran

Posted by Jack Owen

Brand guidelines

Sometimes referred to as style guides. Every visual identity project should have a set of accompanying brand guidelines but are they really very useful? They may make the designers flush with pride bu

Posted by Jack Owen

The brand identity process

Good branding is only possible if it's true. If the organisation live it, practise and it's part of their core. Projecting something different from the reality doesn't work.  It's incumbent on a bran

Posted by Jack Owen

Incorporating movies in print

Best school prospectus. Our work with All Hallows Prep School has been awarded winner of  the 'Best School Prospectus' by the GoldStars. This was 'for their creative and uniq

Posted by Iain Mortimer

Brand architecture

Brand architecture. Many organisations have several strands to their offer. Also, many have more than one company or sub brand in their portfolio. How this is described depends on

Posted by Ice House Design

Can schools do without printed marketing communications

Some years ago a client in the independent school sector announced to us that for them ‘print was dead’. Their prospectus and all other marketing communications hence forth would be digital. Certa

Posted by Ice House Design
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