Stonar School

Our client is keen to promote the ability of the school to develop pupils, in a multitude of subjects, to extraordinary high levels. Stonar School is based in an 18th century Georgian Mansion and we were keen to include the aesthetic quality of the building. To make sure our audience linger on the image for a few seconds longer we were keen to deploy a compelling graphic device. The one we chose was based on the ‘Droste effect’ or ‘Mise en abyss’, literally ‘placed into the abyss’. That is, repeating part of the image into eternity. This helps us describe the variety of opportunities available at the school. A strong reference point for us was the Pink Floyd album cover Ummagumma designed by Storm Thorgerson, this artwork uses a similar visual trick that goes back to Giotto di Bondone in 1320, in his Stefaneschi Triptych. Who says we’re not cutting edge…

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