Branding – Jun, 2021

5 crucial tips for successful event branding

Events represent an incredible opportunity for brand exposure, but they’re also moments when your brand will be exposed to potentially unprecedented levels of scrutiny. This article gives 5 crucial tips for successful event branding to ensure you get the most benefit out of your event’s branding potential.

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are always important, in order to show a united front and brand consistency, but this is especially the case at events. 

Staff won’t be able to check guidelines while meeting potential and existing clients face to face, so make sure that everyone is up to date and on top of things, from appropriate greetings to tone of delivery. This is a chance to make a highly impactful impression for successful event branding. Don’t take it for granted.

Physical branding


Make sure that your brand is prepared in terms of physical branding. Your website and email campaigns may be up to scratch, your online ad campaign reeling in the clicks, but that doesn’t matter quite so much at in person events. Make sure that physical banners, branded tote bags, pens, whatever you’ve chosen perfectly reflect and represent your brand and produced well in advance. 

Something like a spelling error of the brand name on a pen will look terribly sloppy, but can be rectified if  inconsistencies are checked for well in advance. 



Hosting an event is a great way to capture and hold a group of people’s attention for a set period of time, but be careful not to squander that opportunity. 

You want every moment of the event to serve a purpose, with pauses between sections just the perfect length to allow reflection and mingling, without becoming unnecessarily long and boring. 

Above all else, don’t allow it to drag on; even if your brand is strong, if you make a hall full of people have a bad experience, the effects could be very detrimental.



The key to ensuring that you’re saying the right things to the right people is market research. All throughout the planning stage, you should be constantly checking that your message will be of relevance and interest to your planned audience. 

Whether this is checked through focus groups or other means is up to you, but it certainly deserves a significant amount of thought and attention, or you’ll risk wasting both your time and resources and the time and attention of your invitees.

Continuous campaigning


While the event may be the only thing on your mind, don’t think for a minute that a single poster will spark the same intense interest in someone not already highly invested in the company. The diaries of important people get booked up, so make sure you start sparking awareness of the event well in advance. 

Use email campaigns, social media, physical billboards, and less conventional modes of marketing leading up to the event, to ensure that the initial interest is converted into an attendee. It might take several exposures to event marketing before someone RSVPs to the event, don’t grow complacent and think that a single reminder is all someone needs.

If you need help with branding or design for an event, our team at Ice House Design will be happy to discuss your requirements in further detail. Contact our team to get your event branding revolution underway! 


Posted by Jack Owen