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5 reasons why your business needs a digital strategy | Ice House Design

5 reasons why your business needs a digital strategy.

The marketing world has changed, dramatically. Not long ago, it was both inaccessible and expensive, dominated by big advertising agencies who controlled a monopoly over ad space on television, radio, billboards, and in newspapers. As we complete the move into the digital age, that old school of marketing is dying.

With the exponential rise of social media and digital marketing, businesses without a digital strategy, no matter how excellent their service or product, are at an incredible disadvantage. With the death knell sounding for the high street, online is now king. Below are the top 5 reasons why your company needs a digital strategy.

So, why does my business need a digital strategy in 2021 

1.  Direction. A digital strategy not only drives sales through recognition and brand awareness, it helps give your business a direction. Nothing drives productivity like clear goals to work towards, and a clear, expert digital brand and business strategy can help provide those targets. With clear, measurable benchmarks, performance can be measured, driven, and  rewarded, helping a business grow at a far greater rate.

2. Exposure. The world has turned online. Already, before the Coronavirus, people had turned to the internet for virtually everything – communication,  shopping, research, services, but the restrictions put in place as a result of the pandemic have led to the completion of this transition. It’s arguably no longer viable to operate a business without a digital strategy – it’s simply no longer efficient to reach people through ‘conventional’ physical marketing strategies.

3. Target. Digital strategies can be incredibly accurate with who they target. That means that every penny spent on marketing can go towards reaching your target audience, rather than throwing your campaign out to the public and hoping that it reaches someone who might be appropriate. This  targeted approach both saves money and exponentially drives up penetration of your goal market.

4.  Measurability. A digital strategy is simple to keep track of. You can access marketing tools on any phone or laptop, making keeping up with the successes and failures of your strategy easy to control. With billboards and television adverts, it’s incredibly hard to determine the success of your campaign. While you can estimate how many people view the advert, it’s almost impossible to determine conversion rates, unless the advert is right next to a physical business location. With digital campaigns you can literally measure clicks in real time, allowing you to hone your approach with incredible accuracy.

5.  Interactive. One of the clearest benefits to digital marketing is that customers can interact with what they see. With so many stimuli, even if we identify with an advert on a passing bus, we’ll probably have forgotten it by the time we get home. With digital marketing, if we see something that catches the eye, we can click on it, immediately, and explore the service it’s advertising. It requires no investment other than a few seconds of your time, and can possibly immediately convert into a sale.

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Posted by Jack Owen