Brand – Oct, 2021

All aspects of your business – on brand

Ensuring your brand encompasses all aspects of your business – what you need to know.  Developing your brand is a complex and ongoing process, which will determine to a large extent the success of your business. 

One of the most important parts of brand development is ensuring that it remains relevant to your business; it’s easy to be caught up in the creative process and lose the essence of the product or service you’re trying to provide a link to. In this article we provide some key tips to ensure your brand remains relevant and linked to all aspects of your business.

Business first

Everything you do should revolve around the product of service you wish to offer. This is the heart of your business – it’s what you will provide people with at the end of the day. 

Your brand exists to make this offering viable and attractive to potential clients, and it’s important to remember this! The brand is incredibly important, but only as a means of making your business function. Remembering that core purpose of your brand is of the utmost importance to ensuring it encompasses your entire business.


Now that you have the link between your brand and business in mind, you need to strategise before starting a brand campaign. Each campaign should have a clear goal of progressing a certain element of your business, with the goal of driving sales and developing a suitable reputation. Just what that reputation is depends on both your business offering and target audience – being clear on both is a prerequisite to any attempt at brand building. 

Once you have a purpose, you can strategise. Of importance here is to not inadvertently leave certain elements of your business behind! While it may be suitable to pivot should you realise that a certain element of your business previously considered unimportant is actually immensely profitable, this should be a conscious decision, not an accident. Accidents may have happy endings, but they also show a lack of control, and all too often end in disaster.

Anything that’s marketed well is bound to do better than something that receives little to no exposure – make sure that you don’t leave any important aspects of your business behind. Once a certain aspect has seen an appropriate amount of exposure through an effective campaign, it’s time to focus on the next aspect. 

Think holistically

While there are bound to be different aspects of your business which may be distinct from one another, you don’t want your brand to resemble a patchwork of loosely connected ideas which appear to have been tied together as afterthoughts. It’s far more effective to develop your brand with each part of the business included initially than to tie in parts at a later date. 

Potential clients will read your brand as a story, and will feel more at ease and confident with that offering if that story has a continuous development, rather than a mishmash of loosely connected chapters.

If you’re stuck on where to start, our team can help. Get in touch via our contact form today and we’d be happy to discuss all aspects of brand design relating to your business. We’re here to get your brand where it needs to be. 

Posted by Jack Owen