Advertising – Jul, 2021

Are print ads still effective for businesses?

You might be excused for thinking that print ads and print media is all but dead in the current age, however that may be a belief worth reconsidering. Print ads are not something to be left to the graveyards of the past, and can still offer effective and elegant marketing communications for certain businesses. 

This article takes a look at what forms of print advertising are still effective, why they’re effective, and what kinds of businesses may find print media an appropriate form of marketing. 

Print media

While it’s easy to get caught up in the world of digital marketing, it doesn’t take long to spot the various forms of print media that still permeate our lives. In 2020, 9.3 million people in the UK still accessed national newspaper titles in print form. 

Magazines are still incredibly popular, with 11% of the population stating that they still get their news from them, showing that people are still attached to getting insights into the world through physical news sources. 

Why print media?

Digital media is often consumed in an unconscious, undeliberate manner, which is part of what makes it so effective – you can target people who wouldn’t normally be easily accessible, simply by catching their attention with a pop up. The consumption of print media however is far more deliberate; even if you pick up a magazine in a waiting room to pass the time, your attention will be more effectively engaged than when scrolling through social media. 

Print media can’t be scrolled past – the analogous comparison might be in turning the page, but it’s a far slower process that can pique your interest in different ways. 

As a space, they hold more weight – printed ads can’t be hidden with the use of ad blockers, and can’t be closed like some pop ups. The result of this higher level of both engagement and stimulation is that we remember print media advertisements in a different, more effective manner. This is evident in the statistic that print ads are 70% more memorable than online forms of marketing! 

Print advertising should be elegant

While many people consider digital adverts an eye-sore, something to be endured and maybe reluctantly clicked on, print advertising can often be enjoyable. 

Many high end magazines, such as those within the Conde Nast group, are full of advertorials which are a pleasure to flick through. In many senses, these magazines can be considered first and foremost as marketing tools, but ones that people pay to consume.

Who can benefit?

The financial scope in print advertising is incredible; big campaigns in major magazines and papers can run into the tens of thousands, but equally, more localised campaigns designed around a catchy graphic rather than expensive photoshoots can be very affordable. 

The sky’s the limit, and you can tailor how far you take things to your exact marketing needs. Scale your project to your requirements in order to ensure you’re aiming in the right direction, with appropriate marketing power, and reap the rewards. 

From print design to a brand overhaul, our team at Ice House Design can help. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements with a member of our team. 

Posted by Jack Owen