Brand – Apr, 2024

Brand and Empowering Your People

Interesting event created by Juice Recruitment Ltd and Interaction Ltd | B Corp™ last week in Bath – ’empowering your people’. Hosted by BBC news reader Kylie Pentelow with panel: Emma Summers, Dieter Wood, Tarquin McDonald, Neil Carberry and Richard Roberts.

From a brand perspective, the most interesting aspect was a debate around working from home (where that is possible), hybrid working and compelling staff into the office. How can organisations build/create/develop their culture to make ‘in-office working’ the most desirable option – empowering your people. Dieter opened with a Peter Druker quote, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ difficult to argue against this but if you’re a start up or slow to building kind, conducive and rewarding environments, organisations need strategy to help develop this culture.
I dislike the word ‘branding’ as it evokes the image of a hot branding iron and slapping it into the bottom right hand corner. Brand design is as much about defining a strategy, developing cultures and describing what is important to organisations as much as it is about colours and logos. Brand design is the invisible underpinnings of an organisation made tangible and visible, office culture sits squarely in this camp.

Thank you for the invite Eve Wright CertRP and thanks Juice and Interaction for an interesting afternoon.

Posted by Jack Owen