Brand – Dec, 2021

Brand design in 2022 – what to be aware of?

As the year closes in, what should you be aware of in brand design in 2022.
It’s important that brands keep up with being meaningful and engage with audiences. Whether starting a brand from scratch, or refreshing an existing business,
an appreciation of audience drivers  is vital in order to pursue an effective branding strategy.

Rebuild connections

It’s been almost two years since the Coronavirus first shook our lives, and as we approach the new year, many businesses are just starting to find their feet again. Whether building new connections or rekindling old ones, it’s important to understand the trepidation people may feel as they re-enter the world again.

Brand design in 2022 should be sensitive to the difficult experiences most people have suffered in these past months, it’s easy to alienate people when they’ve faced trauma. People want to rediscover the world – be upbeat, be tactful, and help with the reintegration process.

People want visuals in brand design

More and more, people want a more engaging experience when perusing the internet. Having a striking and well considered brand identity design has always been important of course, but it looks like that importance is only set to grow.  To put that in numbers, of a group of Gen Z and Millenials who were surveyed, a significant 62% stated that what they want more of is visual content, not written. 

Brand design in 2022 should stand out in the right way

As we come to the end of 2021, some markets are becoming saturated making it even harder for brands to stand out. Most brands have realised they need to be differentiated from the crowd. When every brand is shouting for the attention of potential clients, standing out in a subtle manner becomes a more complex. It’s no longer enough to ‘just’ offer an excellent product or service, you need to stand apart from all the others with a similar offering as something better, something more desirable and something more engaging.

Promote the remote

While it’s certainly the case that people want to rediscover the outside world, Coronavirus and numerous lockdowns have sped up the existing trend of being able to access most things from your home. When this is a conscious choice rather than something that’s forced upon us, it can be highly beneficial – the home has become a more engaging, complete experience than ever before.

If you didn’t offer remote services before, consider starting. If you already do offer such services, put more effort into marketing them; now that accessing services and products from the comfort of your home is a consumer expectation rather than a luxury, it’s no longer a viable option to ignore that market trend.

Community first / brand design

While modern urban environments where the majority of people live can be alienating and lonely experiences, if one positive came of the pandemic, it was an appreciation for community. 

Try to develop a community among your clients, through events (potentially hosted digitally) and the creation of community based resources. People want to feel a sense of togetherness, so give them the opportunity to connect through your brand.If you’re ready to take your brand design to the next level, we can help. Get in touch with our team at Ice House Design today.

Posted by Jack Owen