Brand – Mar, 2022

Brand Design in Bath

We’re delighted to be starting work with Juice Recruitment in Bath on their brand refresh. Juice are a hugely well respected and established agency in the South West and we’re thoroughly enjoying working with their energetic and super professional senior leadership team. Juice set up in Bath 24 years ago and have always maintained a strong presence both in Bath and in the wider South West area.  It’s really made us think about the very many brand identities we have created for organisations in Bath, Bristol and beyond.

One of our first logo marques we created from our first studio, The Icehouse on Walcot Street, was for Bath Demolition over 25 years ago. We’ve lost touch with them but regularly see the logo on the side of vehicles and on hoardings of projects they’re involved in. It’s never been tweaked updated or changed – as far as we can make out. Logo marques which have not been modified for 25 years or so are rare.

Over the decades we’ve created visual identities and logo marques for many other organisations and businesses in Bath such as; The Bath Pano Shop, Bath Preservation Society, Burdall’s Yard, No.1 Royal Crescent, Kallandar Jeffries, The Building of Bath Museum, Inspecs, Museum of Bath Architecture, Hershel Museum of Astronomy, Beckford’s Tower, Stone King, Redcliffe Homes, Spirit Photography and many more. We’ve also created some very special design work with the National Trust at Prior Park, Bath and Dyrham Park.

We’ve no idea yet what we are going to come up with for Juice Recruitment. Except to say, as with every brand design project we’re involved in, the visual identity will be underpinned by a clear and strong brand premiss. This core idea informing all the creative communications; broad and vibrant executions on the identity Juice have been known for since their inception.

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Posted by Jack Owen