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Brand language – how to ensure a consistent brand voice for your business | Ice House Design

We all know consistency of brand application and brand language is incredibly important; it ensures clients, both new and old, know what to expect when dealing with your company, and experience a consistently excellent service. 

An important element of brand consistency lies in your approach to brand language; how you speak to people plays a huge part in shaping their experience, whether negative or positive. 

Below, we take a closer look at how to ensure that your brand voice remains consistent, helping your brand go from strength to strength.

A good start

An important step to take before you attempt to achieve consistency is finding the right voice to begin with. The approach to the tone you take has to be incredibly nuanced, and once you’ve chosen one, it’s both difficult and potentially damaging for your brand to pivot. Figure out if you want to be predominantly serious or add aspects of humour, purely practical or with aspects of theory and an artistic flair.

Sometimes niches take on a perhaps counterintuitive approach – for example, British insurance companies, which offer a serious product, have for a while been following a market trend of highly humorous commercials. You don’t have to follow the rest of the market, but it does help to illustrate what’s appropriate and what works.

Know your audience

How you choose to speak depends on who you want to attract, and the approach again requires nuance. In B2B, your audience will primarily be seeking information, but that doesn’t mean that the way that it’s communicated should be boring. Seeking to attract one category of potential client at the expense of alienating another is dangerous, and if the plan is ill executed, you face potentially damaging relationships with two revenue streams.

The fine line between playing it safe and being ‘different’ is one that will need constant readjustment, and you must never take your eye off the ball.

Brand guidelines

One of the keys to achieving a consistent brand voice is to have a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. It’s important not to leave anything out; wide room for interpretation will only serve to cause confusion and potential lapses when it comes to consistency.

No detail is too small (within reason of course) and you should include particulars such as which pronouns to use, what length of sentences to use, and specific keywords within your industry’s lexicon to pay particular attention to.

Use experts

The best way to achieve a consistent brand voice is to employ experts to ensure it happens. When writing content and slogans that will see a lot of exposure, from newsletters and press releases to marketing campaign slogans, a good copywriter will be able to read into the subtlety of your brand’s voice, and effectively emulate it in the required format.

If you have an in-house copywriter, their knowledge of your brand voice will only grow deeper with time, until it becomes almost instinctual.

As experts in brand language and wider aspects of brand design, our team at Ice House Design would be more than happy to help you transform your brand. As a leading brand design agency, we’re here to help you with any questions you may have if you’re still in two minds about branching-out for expert help.

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Posted by Jack Owen