Brand – Nov, 2023

Brand purpose

Brand purpose refers to the primary reason why a brand exists beyond just making a profit. What it is there for; why it can make a difference. It goes well beyond the products or services an organisation or  brand offers and articulates the broader impact or contribution the brand aims to make in the world. A well-defined brand purpose goes hand in hand with the brand’s values and mission, reflecting a commitment to something larger than immediate business objectives.

The concept of brand purpose has gained significant importance in recent years as consumers increasingly seek meaningful connections with the brands they support. A strong brand purpose can help differentiate a company in a competitive market, build brand loyalty, and attract consumers who share similar values.

Brand purpose is often expressed through a brand’s messaging, marketing campaigns, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. It involves aligning the brand with social or environmental causes, ethical business practices, or a larger vision that resonates with the target audience.

A brand might have a purpose centered around sustainability, community support, or empowerment. The key is authenticity—consumers are more likely to respond positively to a brand with a genuine and consistent commitment to its stated purpose.

Brand purpose is about defining and communicating the higher, meaningful aspirations of an organisation beyond financial success using standard business metrics. It can serve as a guiding principle that influences business decisions, invests time and energy into concerning activities and shapes the brand’s identity. The outcome may or may not resonate with audiences though clearly it is helpful if it does. However, purpose should be elevated and idealogical transcending the scramble for profit. Fostering a connection with stakeholders, clients and other audiences who share similar values will be deeply rewarding in many senses and indicates depth, integrity and personality.

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Posted by Jack Owen