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Bristol Brand Design


Ice House Design agency works regularly with clients in Bath, Bristol and throughout the South West. Our clients are distributed throughout the city from Queen Square to its outer extremities. A short train ride from Bath, we like to spend time with clients often discussing their creative requirements including brand, viusal identity, logos and broader communications. We can do this in our Bath design office or over Teams/Zoom.



We design or refresh existing brands that are relevant, compelling and strategically astute – built to drive business. We can review your existing brand identity, create courageous marketing and corporate strengthening brands and sharing important messages. Now that you are here, take the first step and call us on  0117 325 8260.

Lyons Davidson

Lyons Davidson are in Queen Square, Bristol. They are a nationwide law firm. It provides its services to both individuals and businesses alike. Lyons Davidson provide a service that is accessible and approachable. Meaning you get clear and straightforward treatment from them – with less of the legal jargon. This is clearly something which is part of their brand proposition. It is our job to make sure their communications articulate these qualities.

Our agency worked with the Bristol office to develop their brand (and some sub-brands) and continue to create the digital and print communications. We are able to provide a clear breakdown of costs for each aspect and a robust critical path. Essential when there are important deadlines to achieve.

Redmaids’ High School, Bristol

Redmaids’ High School in Westbury on Trym is one of the finest schools for girls in the UK. The opportunities and facilities to equip young Bristol women with the skills and confidence are truly magnificent.

The school is a union of two Bristol girls’ schools, Redland High School for girls, Redland and The Redmaids’ School, Westbury on Trym. Both of excellent standing with The Redmaids’ School being the oldest girls’ school in the country, The school was founded in 1634 from the bequest of John Whitson.

Our agency were tasked to create a brand identity, which in essence was to bring out the very best of both schools. We were able to provide clear research and analysis, conducting three months of investigation, interviews, workshops and meetings. These important views came from alumni, governors, staff, parents and pupils – as well as senior leadership of both schools. The result is a simple, strong and memorable visual identity putting the girls at the very heart of the school.

National Trust – Tyntesfield

Tyntesfield is a Victorian Gothic Revival house and estate in Wraxall near Bristol, England. Ice House Design were commissioned to create a strong brand, sitting within the National Trust framework, capturing the essence on the place. The house is a Grade I listed building named after the Tynte baronets, who had owned estates in the area since about 1500. The mansion was visited by over 300,000 people in 2017.


In the 1830s a Georgian mansion was built on the site near Bristol, which was bought by English businessman William Gibbs, whose huge fortune came from guano (bird shit) used as fertilizer. In the 1860s Gibbs had the house significantly expanded and remodelled. Richard Gibbs died in 2001 when the Gibbs family home was put on the market. Tyntesfield was purchased by the National Trust in June 2002, after a high profile fundraising campaign to ensure it would be open to the public. The Trust opened the house to visitors for the first time just 10 weeks after the acquisition. The project was always to be seen as ‘work in progress’. Builders, historians and restorers could be seen at work by anyone visiting.

Agency brief.

Tyntesfield is a large and complex property. Moreover, a new visitor centre and the conversion of farmyard buildings to an educational centre were underway when we were appointed. Our brief was to design a unique and distinct identity for the estate incorporating interpretation, wayfinding and creation of educational activity spaces. The creative concept was based on rise, decline and rediscovery – the changing fortunes of the estate. A hugely successful project with the visual identity guide we created now promoted nationally as a ‘must do’ for Trust properties undertaking similar projects.

What the clients says.

Ice House Design’s creativity and understanding of the brief has enabled us to look really different to any other NT site whilst ensuring we still feel part of the wider National Trust. This way of working and the results now mean that Tyntesfield is viewed as a brand exemplar and an example of how to do things right within the National Trust. Throughout our work together Ice House Design have also been extremely capable and effective at helping us get to the right outcomes, often challenging us in the process.

Anna Russell, General Manager,
National Trust.

Power Electrics

Power Electrics is a generator specialist, based at St Ivel Way, Warmley, Bristol they are a single source supplier for diesel generator hire, sales, service and parts.

Power Electrics is a South West family business dedicated to innovation. Power Electrics has grown from a small yard in 1963, to operating out of five locations across the country, including a London office and the UK’s largest purpose built generator depot.

Ice House Design has worked with Power Electrics helping them develop their brand proposition and creating marketing and corporate communications for many years.

A hugely respected organisation in Bristol, typical of a well run family business inherently not used to spending significant resource on brand and brand communications. Design and brand communications are created on an ad-hoc basis using the new style as they are required.

Brand design in Bath and Bristol.

It can be said that branding is what people say about  your organisation when you are not there. It could be the customer service you offer. It could be the products you create. Or, it could be the emotional and intellectual strength of your latest advertising campaign. The big one though is what it is that makes your organisation different from your competitors. Whether you run a small or large company, you can’t escape having a ‘brand’. You may provide a service or product, or be a personality or a country – you have, or you are, a brand.

If you have a business, you have a brand.

Some companies invest in developing their brand or brands. Some do not and go with the flow hoping for the best.

When a company works with a branding agency, it is the job of the agency to create ‘expectations’ for that particular organisation. They will help a company plan its strategy. This may be something as simple as determining who the target market is for a particular business, which stops uncontrolled spending, marketing to people who may not deliver a good ROI. Or, helping to ensure your brand gets out to the required audience. The brand is the most important asset that a company can have.

Once you have a strong brand in place, and the agency you work with continues to strengthen that brand, things become easier. It becomes more effective to market your products and services. It is easier to gain new customers as your brand will be the ‘go to’ for a particular product or service.

You don’t need to be a large company to take advantage of a good brand agency. With the right one in tow, you could significantly boost business within your town, city, country or worldwide. Staff retention is boosted when you feel that you are working for a company that is referred to as the ‘go to’ business for the product or service you are offering. When you work with the right Bristol brand agency, it will be their job to analyse your business from the ‘ground up’. They will analyse your target market, the products or services you are selling and the way you run your business. They will then try to create semblance among it all.

Visual identity is part of branding and includes how an organisation uses a logo design, uses colour and uses typography and all other graphic elements. For example; if you are running a law firm in Bristol, then you will need to consider how the visual identity, logo, colour palette and a whole host of graphic interventions within your brand design in order to create the right impression, share important messages and build your brand.

Brand recognition.

Outward brand consistency should be the manifestation of inner accord. That is, a congruity of purpose emanating from the brand’s core idea.

Greater brand consistency in the application of a visual identity makes a brand feel more trustworthy. Brand recognition means that over a multitude of channels the brand experience elicits similar emotional responses. Audiences should feel they know and understand the brand. This is part of building trust.

A seamless brand look across all touchpoints and makes audiences feel more assured. Consistent branding makes them feel better connected to an organisation. When audiences trust and understand brands they are more likely to purchase, visit or recommend them to their peers.

Takeaway. We recommend to our clients to have a brand guardian in-house. A person that within their remit, takes a broad view of all the day to day visual identity applications of the organisation. This helps with less than properly considered interventions and promotes rigour and brand consistency.
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