Branding – Jan, 2024

Building a brand identity to be proud of…

Building a brand identity to be proud of, must be driven by the essential truths of the organisation, person or entity (referred to from now on as organisation). Who they are. What the outlook is. And, what is important to it. There is never any value in trying to be something the company is not, certainly in the long run.  Any whiff of deception is quickly worked out by audiences and never has any long term success.

Firstly then, a good understanding of the organisation is imperative. What the values are. How ambitious is the business. And, what is the appetite for risk. These and many, many other indicators, gleaned through research and understanding, help designers and creatives with the building blocks of a strong brand. This is what design agencies call authenticity. We hold this characteristic up at the highest level – we all are familiar with brands we do not believe in or trust.

Most people recognise everyone associated with an organisation, whether staff, stakeholder or supplier are terrifically important to those institutions. They are the ambassadors and the literal personal face of the organisation. Imagine the power of these people if everyone believed in and was proud to be associated with the business. If they recognised themselves in the company and felt proud to be connected to it.

An enlightened and enthused workforce is one of the most important aspects of a successful brand building project but actually one we rarely see on a project brief. Building a successful brand identity to be proud of requires the buy-in of staff and stakeholders and it is incumbent on branding agencies to bring them along in the process.

All successful branding projects involve a combination of strategic planning, good design and consistency. Here is a list of features to help build a brand to be proud of…

  1. Through a discovery programme, be clear about the organisations values, purpose and what is important to it.
  2. Articulate these characteristics authentically, lucidly and conscientiously.
  3. Regularly revisit these pillars, making sure they are always true and relevant.
  4. Create a unique brand identify that visually articles these traits. Brand identify is the organisations strategy made visible.
  5. Be consistent. Make sure all manifestations of the brand identify across all platforms build a brand tapestry that tells a compelling story about the organisation.
  6. Maintain the quality and standard across all aspects of the organisation. Better to do less and better than no be able to control the standard. Low quality output is never going to make anyone proud.
  7. Every associating and link with the company should strengthen a pillar f the brand. If engaged in CSR (and you should be), make sure it is relevant and appropriate.
  8. Appoint an in-house brand ambassador at a senior level who’s job it is to identify communication weaknesses and with the power to do something about it.

Building a brand to be proud of takes time and effort but with care, resources and adherence to these principles you can create a brand you and your staff can be proud of.

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Posted by Jack Owen