Brand – Sep, 2018

Chippenham – a new brand programme

A brand programme for Chippenham – but not a complete corporate turnaround. It’s very important for the success of any brand project for the Chief Exec. to have a clear idea about what the desired result will be. Is it to improve recruitment, make more clear the organisations proposition, push up the share price or some other strategic objective? With Chippenham it was very clear, create an identity where all of its assets, and the organisation as a whole, can create communications with unity and clarity. At the same time, re-invigorate, re-inspire and create more cohesion.

Part of any preliminary planning for a brand programme involves how the project is to be launched. All at once in a d-day scenario? Or, new pieces of communication coming on stream as and when they are required? Radical change to an organisation, such as a name change or complete new style does require very fast transformation. With Chippenham Town Council this is not necessary and as with most organisations, cost control is critical. Massive change all at once is not what is required for Chippenham with a step-by step process reaping real and tangible rewards.
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Posted by Jack Owen