Ice House Design are a brand and creative agency. Our services include, brand and visual identities, print and presentation, brand experiences, campaign work, websites and motion graphics. All made to build meaningful and beautiful brands —

Creative Agency Services.

Ice House Design are a full service design agency working across a multitude of creative disciplines. See a full list of our areas of expertise here. We build brand tapestries where every piece of communication contributes to building the brand. In print, online and in three dimensions, our creative team can strategically determine what corporate or marketing communications are most suited to the particularly desired impact without prejudice or favour.

The root of our work begins from understanding our clients. Who they are and what they would like to achieve. From a creative agency services perspective, it is important for us to offer a complete creative package in order for us keep our thinking as broad as possible. A client may be exhibiting at a show, launching a new product or creating an app. It is our responsibility to envisage and deliver the best possible brand experience associated with the intervention.

Of course, we don’t do everything in-house. We use writers and illustrators, programmers and modellers, product designers and signwriters, animators and visualisers – and a score of other creative disciplines in between. We use the best creatives in any particular discipline to deliver the most impactful and meaningful experience. With over 25 years of experience with time spent meeting, investigating and working with creatives from a multitude of backgrounds, we can call upon the very best talent and contacts when we need them most.

What can a creative agency do for your brand?

A great creative agency fundamentally understands your brand. Its personality, outlook and ambitions. Design with purpose is at the heart of the creative direction. Depending on the client, a good creative agency should consider every possible way to engage the audience with the brand – without prejudice. It should be interdependent of what channel to use. It may be above the line, it may be digital it may be print, in three dimension or a special event. Creative agencies will deploy their thinking in order to obtain the best possible exposure, context and expected result to elicit the desired outcome. Ice House Design work within a multitude of disciplines, without fear or favour, working creatively for ambitions brands.