Brand – Jun, 2022

Creative courage

So, what ultimately makes the best work in brand design? Creative courage.

In our opinion the best and most creative brand work comes from within the creativity and originality of ideas in the head of the designer / creatives. Large amounts of research and opinion gathering can be useful in telling you where you are but is much less informative in telling you in where you need to go.  Clients and creatives need courage. Firstly, clients need to be satisfied the agency they’ve appointed know their onions and have within their agency the skills and experience necessary to complete the project successfully. Once this decision has been made the client must be brave and allow the creatives to do the best work on their behalf. The best, most original and creative ideas will always trump focus groups and a design resolution shaped by a committee.

Creative courage is key. There is no salvation in mimicking what a competitor is doing. Or developing a melange of disparate designs cobbled from other companies they like the look of. The answer lies in the creative instinct of the creatives and it should be different and brave. Then, is there any merit in focus groups reviewing work before it’s launched? In our opinion no, not much. A group of people drinking bottled water talking about a subject they know very little about are afraid to look silly. They avoid risk and tend to be overly conservative, often choosing the least creative route. Clearly, correct procedures must be followed. Cultural and linguistic associations must be rigorously investigated but mostly the senior leadership must trust their and their agencies creative instinct. Creative courage is always the answer.


Posted by Jack Owen