Ice House Design are a brand design agency, making new brands and renovating existing ones. We create intelligent and compelling communications to build meaningful and beautiful brands —

Design Agency Bath.

Ice House Design agency has been established in Bath since 1994. With local clients in Bath and Bristol, national ones and also larger international brands, our approach is similar irrespective of size. Clarity of purpose, meaningful design and communications steeped in business strategy. We offer a broad range of design services to our clients.


Research / interviews
Brand audit
Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Name generation
Identity / logo design
Brand language


Brochure design
Prospectus design
Book & magazine design
Stationery design
Print buying


Digital strategy
Website design
Digital advertising
Social media


Brand space
Event branding


Component design
Surface graphics


Art direction


3D modelling
Traditional drawing
Vector graphics


Campaign design
Billboard design
Film production
Magazine advertising
Banner advertising

Design with purpose

Good brand design can only be made for a specific client for their particular circumstances. There is never a once size fits all. Good brand design creates differentiation and distinctiveness. It separates your business from the rest. This is directly linked to a businesses ability to make profits. Creating differentiation is not difficult for design agencies as every business is unique. Its staff, its culture, its history and its ambition. The important part for design agencies is to tease out these characteristics, creating a virtue of them and making them meaningful.

Ice House Design often talk about building brand tapestries. This is where every single piece of communication not only shares an important message but its very existence helps towards building the brand. From the manner in which a telephone is answered to the corporate brochure, from the presentation slide graphics to the delivery trucks. Every touchpoint considered and valued.

A good design agency looks at your existing brand communications and evaluates their effectiveness. In the longer term, when we undertake a brand programme for clients, we’ll propose instigating an in-house brand manager. Someone at senior level in who’s job description it is to make sure the application of brand is done correctly and well. Someone who understands the value of the brand and someone who has the authority to challenge bad practice. The importance of this role cannot be overstated and ensures the best possible exposure of the brand.

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