Branding – Feb, 2018

Desktop vs mobile

Many organisations we work with, require websites to be aimed primarily at audiences viewing on a desktop machines. Seems fair enough. Desktop still has a greater market share compared to mobile and tablet (57% / 37% / 6%) (statcounter) and a significant proportion of audiences are business users. But is that the whole story?

57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site, (socPub) and in SEO terms, Google’s mobile search algorithm currently gives priority to mobile friendly websites. A significant proportion of business users too use mobile devices. Not only is a strong mobile presence important but so is a mobile site the has been properly considered in its own right, articulates the brand promise, is easy to navigate and is visually compelling.

A new website for Elmore Kitchens created by Ice House Design last month has just been made live – built and optimised for desktop and mobile.

Posted by Jack Owen