Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust is more than a collection of schools based on professional accountability. It is a Trust with purpose; building a family of schools with inclusivity, democracy and community at its core – for everyone associated with it.


Defining the brand

Apart from providing the Trust with a new strong and distinctive identity, the programme had a series of further objectives. Not only must the identity deepen what the Trust stands for and articulate what it believes in, it must provide the necessary tools to do it well.

The identity through its graphic devices, language and typographic arrangements, harmonise the ethos and values – the essence – of the Trust. Through colour, form and language, so deep rooted in the core idea, their presence should bring to the fore the broader quest of the Trust.

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With high aspirations we unite together to overcome challenges and celebrate the achievements of everyone in our Trust.

We believe in exceptional education and a strong community ethic to sustain and strengthen everyone in our Trust.

We share a clear cooperative vision for our future, and we respect and value everyone in our Trust.

We are united in our commitment to improve the life chances for and to educate everyone in our Trust.

From the start of the project, through to completion, the Icehouse Team supported us and exceeded our expectations in every way. Their ability to present our key messages in an imaginative and creative way gave us a huge amount of confidence and complimented our vision perfectly. They offer a personal, friendly professional approach and we cannot recommend the team highly enough and we look forward to continuing our working relationship together.

Dan Morrow
Trust Leader & CEO, Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust

Building our Trust –
design route characteristics

Bauhaus inspired, the identity employs geometric forms and a vibrant palette. Its joy come from the relationship of the elements in playful whilst sophisticated arrangements.

Broadly, the sub-text is making different entities come together in a harmonious and joyful way. Where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Where new elements may be added and the composition is as unified, coherent and harmonious reflecting the multi-faceted community the Trust serves.