Brand – Mar, 2024
Design – Mar, 2024

Effective brand design; feeling not thinking

The most effective brand design is when its message and medium resonate so deeply with its audience, it elicits an emotional response and creates more of a transcendental connection.

When a brand makes its audience feel something – whether it’s joy, nostalgia, excitement or trust – it leaves a lasting impression building loyalty, warmth and trust. This emotional connection is a gift for fostering long-term relationships with those it touches and encourages the brand to remain cherished and close.

Whether visual identity, through storytelling or consistent messaging, successful brand design aims to engage and captivate its audience meaningfully and deeply.

In short, effective brand design makes those it comes into contact, feel something – this is above making those connected to it know or think something about them. For existing brands, this is not an overnight, job done situation. It takes time, thought and care to elicit the desired emotional responses.

Posted by Jack Owen