Branding – Feb, 2018

Trend and fashion in visual identity?

No organisation wants to appear out of touch and oblivious to worldly change. And, no organisation should. But must they chase the most current modes and trends in colour, typography, pattern and messaging for example? Certainly not. Some organisations have existed for hundreds of years and survived precisely because they have maintained their standards, values and ethos. Their bows have not been swayed one way and then the other as the short term winds of fashion blow. So how can businesses have a strong brand identity that is relevant and competitive whilst still staying true to its origins? The answer is surprisingly straight-forward. A good brand identity should be intrinsically linked to the brand’s core principle. Outward consistency is only properly achieved if it is the manifestation of inward consistency and clarity. The brand identity makes the organisation’s core principle and strategy visible and tangible. The most important aspect then is to ensure the visual manifestation of the brand is true to this and not dictated to by trend.

Posted by Jack Owen