Brand – Jan, 2022

Good brand design isn’t magic

Good brand design isn’t magic, it’s about careful planning, a considered brief and an appropriate design agency or in-house talent.  We are hosting a one day course on 15 February 2022 that is a blueprint for how to create, launch and manage a brand (or re-brand) project. From the agreement to move forward, each step is identified and describes the purpose, level of commitent required, outcomes, expectations and methods of control.

Specific aspects such as determing a budget, appointment of the right consultants, launch events and dangers to success are outlined during the course.

The course, with a maximum of five attendees per session and delivered face to face, is aimed at professionals whose brief it is to plan, instigate and manage a brand programme from within. Attendees will be leading a project and / or part of the organisational steering group.

Having the right knowledge in advance of creating a brand project is incalculable in terms of time, cost and long term success.

Posted by Jack Owen