Ice House Design are a brand and graphic design agency in Bath. We create intelligent and compelling communications to build meaningful, beautiful brands —

Graphic Design.

Saul Bass said graphic design is, ‘thinking made visual’. Good communications build brands and share important messages. This may be in print, in three dimensions or digitally.

As a graphic design agency we strive to produce compelling, relevant and accessible communications that build brands. Graphic design, built on strategic brand thinking, is at the heart of what we do. We aim to simplify – but everything is simple. Some organisations have complex structures, they can be technically impenetrable or have convoluted processes. Where we can, we rationalise and streamline making the messaging as clear as possible. Through the graphic design process, language and context, we strive to make the complicated understandable and the murky, lucid.

We also endeavour to make it beautiful. Not for its own sake but work that makes someone smile or strikes at their emotion, burns brighter and glows for longer. Essential for long lasting, powerful communications. Saul Bass, also said, ‘I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.’ That seems like a maxim we can all get behind.

Questions we're often asked

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