Packaging Design – Apr, 2021

How to ensure your pack design is not overlooked | Ice House Design

How to ensure your pack design is not overlooked. While it might seem a trivial, purely functional afterthought for some, packaging design is in fact a very important manifestation of branding.  Pack design can be an important component of a company’s branded output. The few items below offers some tips on how to maximise its efficacy, not just as a form of protection and transport, but as a way to promote your brands values, ethos and attitudes.

Consistency. Your packaging should match the rest of your brand – it should fit the product that it contains. Packaging is an important part of the experience of purchasing a product, it should enhance the experience.

To use Apple as an example, their packaging is sleek, and uses similar aesthetic guidelines to the products they contain. Even without the logo, you know what an Iphone box looks like just by glancing at it; the box or bag should not leave a customer guessing what it contains.

Simplicity. Packaging and the unpackaging process should be a pleasant experience, but it shouldn’t detract from the product itself. Packaging should aim to be sleek and elegant, without too many distracting words – save that for instructions and pamphlets. If you want to explore, try different textures and opening mechanisms, but make sure that whatever you do works well – there’s nothing more annoying than trying to tear open strong, cheap plastic packaging which simply defies the blades of your scissors.

Colours. Again, in terms of colour scheme, simplicity is often key. That doesn’t mean that you have to stick with black or white, although a lot of brands do – it’s still a safe bet to go with a sleek monochrome scheme, just don’t make it too cluttered. Intricate patterns and pictures can be great, but they have to be superbly executed, and have to be right for the product – they probably wouldn’t suit something rugged like a high-end multi tool or penknife.

Typography. Unless your brand is as well established as Apple or McDonalds, you’ll need at least a bit of text along with your logo to inform the customer as to the contents. In fact, even Apple needs to differentiate between Iphone and Ipod boxes! What’s important is that the text doesn’t detract from the rest of the aesthetic. Keep the text as minimal as possible, and use a good font. If this requires hiring a typographist, you may have to bite the bullet – it’ll be worth it in the long run!

Experts. Ensure your pack design is not overlooked. If you were to take two things away from reading these tips, it should be the following:

1) packaging is important, and should not be overlooked, and 2) packaging design is a complex and intricate process, which requires a lot of work.

Unless you are a product designer, it’s highly advisable that you employ a person or team who specialise in that area. The packaging experience can add a lot to brand perception, and can be a key element in hooking in repeat customers.

Speaking of experts, our team at Ice House Design have years of experience working with brands of all sizes. If you’re worried that your packaging design is still something being overlooked, get in touch with our team today to discuss how you can get the brand revamp you’ve been looking for.

Posted by Jack Owen