Branding – Feb, 2022

How to keep event branding consistent

Events provide an incredible opportunity for businesses to display everything their brand represents. While the impact has the potential to be significant, it can go either way in terms of the benefit or harm it can do to your business. In this article, we look at one of the most important things to consider when displaying your brand at events: brand consistency. We’ll look at why event branding is important, with some top tips on how to maintain consistency.

Maintaining a consistent image

Brand consistency is always important. People tend to trust brands that display a consistent front, in everything from logo design to brand ideals. Inconsistent branding looks unprofessional and makes it harder for a brand to achieve an easily recognisable aesthetic. 

Brand recognition is perhaps equally as important as trust when it comes to brand consistency; if people easily recognise your brand design, they’re more likely to choose it from the competition when searching for a product or service. Recognition is also linked to trust, as people are more likely to trust a brand which they recognise as reputable from prior engagements.

How to achieve brand consistency

There are several things to consider when trying to ensure that your branding remains consistent at events, explored below:

Event branding guidelines

One of the most effective ways of ensuring consistency at events is through the use of specific sets of guidelines. Strict guidelines are useful for brand consistency in general – they help to ensure that there isn’t any confusion when it comes to things like logo placement and font use, as well as more abstract things like brand-appropriate tone when interacting with potential customers. 

Specific sets of guidelines can be used for events, to help event planners and other involved parties to gain a quick yet thorough understanding of how the event should aim to portray the brand.

Building event expectations

When marketing for an event, be as precise and honest as possible about what the event will entail. People don’t enjoy being misled, and saying you’re going to be holding an event that’s drastically different to the event that you actually hold can be very damaging for the way your brand is perceived. 

Through your email, social and other campaigns, be consistent and accurate when building expectations about the event, while at the same time being consistent with the brand itself.

Hold brand-appropriate events

While you should focus on the details like logos and font, it’s also important to be consistent on a larger scale. 

One thing that should remain consistent with the brand is the type of event itself. The venue should be appropriate for the target audience of your brand, as should the dress code and the types of entertainment and refreshments on offer. 

This is a subtle thing to try to organise; if you need assistance, an experienced event planner should be able to help guide you.

When it comes to ensuring your brand remains consistent across different event types, our team at Ice House Design can help. From print and offline materials to digital design, contact our designers directly for help from an experienced team.

Posted by Jack Owen