Brand – Mar, 2022

How to select the right brand design agency for you?

Selecting the right brand and design agency for your organisation can appear like a lottery. Should you make your decision based on people or price; portfolio or promises? Is the chemistry right, does the agency have the right kind of experience, has the agency done anything similar before, how much do they charge, how secure are they?

Mutual trust

The truth is, clients should make their decision on a combination of all these things – and more. There is an arrangement of mutual trust between client and their consultant. And, it’s more than just a financial transaction. Agencies are given the privilege of keys to a client’s brand – the basis of all they have worked for – in return, agencies bring to bear all their knowledge, skill and understanding to build their brand. Great work by design agencies brings about more good and better briefs from others and the virtuous circle spins. The converse is also true. Each have a vested interest in the success of a project.

Good design is both objective and subjective

Good brand and design agencies won’t promise clients something they cannot deliver and clients need to be able to trust in the experience and expertise of their consultant. It is common clients making decisions about selecting the right design agency may come from more practical, business backgrounds and the perception may be creative agencies don’t beat to the same drum. The reality is, whilst there often is a large inspirational and creative aspect to many briefs, agencies understand practicalities, KPI’s and objective reasoning.

Free pitch is false economy

Some clients fall into the trap of asking agencies to ‘pitch’ creative work. They believe the best way of getting the right result is line up a handful of brand and design agencies with a brief and pick the winner from the shiniest and brightest presentation. Some industries have managed to work with this model; architecture practices do it all the time. But, it doesn’t work well with brand and design for many reasons. Selecting the right brand and design agency is necessary because ultimately the objective is the best chance of success for your business. And, the best of success comes from working closely with a brand and design agency. Agencies need to properly understand who the client is, get under their skin and create something distinctive and memorable. Clients need to invest in the quality time necessary for creative agencies to have a full understanding of the client, their business, the outlook, prospects and culture. This cannot be sustainably and successfully achieved in a free pitch situation. Throwing a dart with a blindfold on is almost always likely to be off target.

It’s the people, stupid

As with so many things in life and business, it’s going to be all about the people. Do the consultants get you? Can you talk to them on a human level? Can they articulate who your origination is and capture the essence of your brand. If something goes wrong (and let’s face it, as surely as eggs is eggs change occurs and has to be managed) are the people involved reasonable, rational, honest and human.

Selecting the right brand design agency is very important for a client. How to select the right clients’ is equally important for agencies. Much of the same criteria is used. In our experience, most clients and most agencies do not want to take advantage of each other. Both want the best possible outcome. To pay and be charged a reasonable fee for a professional service. Selecting the right brand and design agency means making sure the company has the experience, quality and expertise. But, equally as important, do you get on with them as people.

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Posted by Jack Owen