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Important things to remember when rebranding | Ice House Design

The important things to think about when rebranding.

There are many reasons why organisations rebrand. When a business becomes stale, tarnished or dulled, sometimes the best way out of it is to go through a rebranding programme. The problem might not be in the product or service being offered, but in the way it’s being perceived.

Rebranding can be daunting, it can involve breaking down existing norms within an organisation and the creation of an new conceptual framework.  This can be realised it through clear strategic thinking, hard work and creativity. Below are five important things to think about when rebranding.

1. Design with purpose. Your brand is unique and different by its very nature. Its history, staff, location, values, ethos and ambition. It is incumbent of a creative agency to tease out these threads and make them engaging. It is important to be who you are and not try and be something you’re not. Organsations can never live a lie successfully besides which, there is no point in doing so.

2. Look at the competition.
Being informed by the brand design of your competitors is a twofold approach: first, you want to know what works. What do all your highly successful competitors have in common? How you can stand out from the crowd. Copying your competitors is unlikely to gain you their customers – that idea and brand already exists, why should they swap to you? Instead, it is important to think of something fresh, something that is unique to your organisation and perhaps your competition haven’t thought of or not been able to implement.

3. Outsource.
It might be necessary that you look outside of your traditional creative avenues to create a new and fresh brand. Your in-house design team and current brand agencies may not be able to come up with as fresh an outlook as a new set of minds can – not because they’re inferior in any way, but simply because they’ve been involved with your brand for so long, they can’t imagine it any other way. Don’t be afraid of looking for fresh creative talent, it’s a leap of faith but it’ll be worth it.

4. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
While in some cases it may be useful to create an entirely new brand afresh, this isn’t always the case. Some brands, especially those with a long history, may be able to successfully evolve and bring themselves up with the times.
This might mean keeping the name and nothing else, or something less severe. The point is, look at your brand and consider if there’s anything worth salvaging from it before you start entirely afresh.

5. Be creative.
Rebranding takes effort, don’t try to cut corners. It may be tempting to use stock images and put a fresh coat of paint on old graphics, but this will rarely be as good as making your own content. Getting in great designers, writers, photographers, cinematographers and typographers will really help.

If you’re going to rebrand, do it properly, and don’t be afraid to jump in at the deep end. Get creative, and make something you and the whole company can be proud of. Speaking of rebranding and assessing your current brand identity, our team are very experienced in helping businesses of all sizes to realise the potential that an incredible brand holds. From changing customer perceptions for the better, to modernising your digital presence, we can help. Drop the team a message to get started.

6. Typography.
A unique typeface has been the bedrock of multiple massive brands, from Coca Cola to Disney. It’s an age-old art that hasn’t lost importance in the digital world. If anything, it’s become more important now that we consume so much more media and in a more intense manner than in the pre-digital era.

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Posted by Jack Owen