Branding – Feb, 2021

Logo Design. Visual Identity. Brand.

Logo design should be a simple, strong expression of brand intent. Great logo design at its finest creates beautiful pieces of art in their own right. Elegant articulations of an organisations personality, past and future. We can love them and hate them in equal measure. We live with some of the most memorable ones as part of our cultural landscape, perhaps noticing their modifications and modulations over many years as they adapt to new worlds. They can grow up with their audience or stay within a delineated strata. 

Logos should stand up high at the top of an organisations visual identity; it’s face to the world. Like the king in chess, it holds the keys to power but requires its subjugated pieces to pave the way, provide context and set the scene. 

Logos marques, logotypes, wordmarks, motifs and logos are there to be deployed with presence and gravitas. But never exploited or overused. Certainly not expected to solve every brand problem and thrust out at every opportunity. They need our love and consideration; our thought and protection. In turn they will allows us to extend into areas without which we’d be lost.

The best logos are born good and become great. It’s possible almost instantly they can feel right and appropriate. But, it’s only over time they become fully realised and find their right place in our collective cultural consciousness. This is where brand design come into play. The context, positioning and the making of meaningful connections, from website to car park sign, ultimately deliver the ‘X factor’ and determine how closely we hold a logo  to our hearts.

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Posted by Jack Owen