Branding – Sep, 2020

Logo design for Stonar International

Logo design for Stonar International.

Ice House Design are highly experienced in logo design and developing visual identities and developing brands. We were commissioned to create a new identity for the international element of Stonar School. The initiative was designed to open up Stonar School to students from the UK and around the world allowing them to experience high quality short course programmes with a varied and educational co-curricular programme.

Ice House Design were involved in the logo design for Stonar International and the broader visual identity application. You can read more about their course here.

If you work like to see more of Ice House Design’s brand work created in our Bath office, be it, visual identity design, branded communications, brand refreshes, logo design, marketing communications, corporate collateral.

Ice House Design can help with:
Research / interviews, brand audits, brand strategy, brand architecture, name generation, identity / logo, brand language, guidelines and complete rebrands.

To read more about our work and approach, please see here.

Posted by Jack Owen