Branding – May, 2020

Making a powerful impression

Making a powerful impression with branded communications. Collateral we’ve designed and created now beginning to be rolled out for Cross Border Financial Planning.

Cards are relatively inexpensive ways of making a powerful impression. A quick way for potential talent / clients / suppliers to determine if the organisation you represent is of the calibre they are looking for. With a relatively small area to work with (usually each face no more than 86mm x 55mm), every character or graphic has to earn its keep on the card. This is part of the design joy. Deciding what it absolutely necessary and what is superfluous. Production possibilities are huge from substrate to finishing techniques, every one of which espousing the brand and have the ability of making a powerful impression.. The cards shown are four colour, 600gsm business cards triplexed with colour matched interlayer.

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Client: Cross Border Financial Planning

Project: Company wide stationery / business cards

Typefoundry: FontSmith 

Brand and Design: Ice House Design

Date: May 2020

Posted by Jack Owen