Education – Feb, 2018

Marketing communications for schools

Schools, both independent and state, are having to think more creatively about their branding and marketing communications. Senior leadership are of course conscious of new admissions and retaining pupils. These will alway be important objectives. Increasingly we have been involved in designing pieces for schools not falling inline with more traditional promotional comms. Including  prospectuses.

A fresh design approach.

One of our clients has significantly increased the print run of their yearbook we design and produce. This is then used as a de facto prospectus. The book is written by the pupils and depicts them and their work. The book articulates visually and linguistically the broad opportunities available at the school. This beautifully produced almanac is a refreshing change to traditional prospectuses. It comes across as authentic and devoid of overt persuasion and contrivance. Other times we have created quirky fundraising mailers and advertising campaigns.  These are often million miles away from the more common educational approach.

Posted by Jack Owen