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Maximising the effectiveness of your print buying | Ice House Design

How to maximise the effectiveness of your print buying. Some marketing campaigns prioritise digital communications to best target their audience and get wider exposure. Brand campaigns using print media can to some be a little confusing, with different considerations and barriers to success.

Print-based marketing can be more expensive than its digital counterpart due to two primary factors. Print production and distribution (concept, design and artwork are about the same). As a result, it’s even more important that you maximise the effectiveness, to achieve the greatest possible return on your investment.

Here, we take a quick look at a couple of ways of doing so, with a focus on print buying.

Job specificity

The relationship between designer and printer is not to be underestimated. Much can go awry during the print and production process, a good understanding and regular and informed communication between designer and printer is imperative. When buying print, the first step in the process is making sure you source from the most suitable company. There are thousands of printing businesses, each offering the service with a slightly different specialty. Making sure you get the one most suited to your requirements is important.

Some printing companies may say they can fulfil your request, and they might well be honest in their claims, but they may not be the best team for the job if it’s not their particular area of expertise. Do your research well, and you’ll get the best results. Moreover, you can always buy print cheaper and everyone has their budget. But, one of the worst things you can do is buy print on price alone.

Adapt your design

Consider orientation of the piece and the desired audience. Phones and tablets can be portrait but desktop machines rarely are. Portrait print pieces don’t work as well landscape and worth considering entirely reworking for screens. Some design work will look great lit up on a screen, but less well when it’s printed. Colours might pop out differently, details might be lost; to maximise the effectiveness of your print buying, make sure your campaign is designed to fit the given medium.

Don’t expect someone who’s never run a print campaign to know how to do that, no matter how gifted they are! You’ll need someone on the team to liaise with the print buyer in order to adapt the design to the appropriate medium.

Going through the specifications

An important element to effective print buying is project specificity. For the printer, there are important details that someone unversed in the world of digital marketing may be unused to – even simple things like how many copies, types of ink, the weight and type of paper, all details which don’t exist in the digital world.

Being specific is important from the beginning – you’ll need it to get an accurate quote, and to ensure that what’s delivered is exactly what you want. Doing mock-ups will help with this, and mean that there aren’t any nasty surprises.

Clear instructions

While digital media also isn’t necessarily cheap to alter, print media is far harder, so it’s incredibly important that your proof is perfect.

Proofread it multiple times, and get each department to sign off on the details before it’s sent over, because once it’s printed, it’s too late. Getting things right the first time is important, and will save you time and money, maximising effectiveness.

Stay in the loop

Once the order has been sent out, don’t just treat it as done and dusted. As a print buyer, you need to make sure that deadlines are kept on top of, and that the product that’s delivered fits the one that was asked for.

It’s easier to change things partway through the process than it is at the end, so stay involved so you can spot potential errors if they pop up!

If your print media has seen better days, our team are here to help. From brand design to strategy, our team at Ice House Design can help to revamp how you communicate with your audience.

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Posted by Jack Owen