Advertising – Nov, 2023

New 2024 campaign for Prior Park College and The Paragon School

We’re delighted to be working on a new 2024 campaign for Prior Park College and The Paragon School on their new campaign for 2024.

Prior Park College and The Paragon School provide an educational offer that is both compelling and unique to Bath and the South West region. Its leadership, outlook, history and infrastructure make the schools’ offer hugely attractive.

The educational landscape in Bath is competitive with an abundance of excellent schools. It is therefore incumbent on school campaigns and communications to clearly articulate what it is that is important to these institutions and what it is that makes them special.

Prior Park Schools have happy, engaged children that are given the opportunity and encouragement to achieve beyond expectations. It is our job is to build the narrative of energy, dynamism and success informed by the reality in the classroom, sports field and the abundant extra curricular activities.

We’ll be in school later this week with taking pictures for the new campaign to project a clearer narrative about what the school stands for, it’s nuances and outlook. Images, language and story telling designed to reveal the joy and excellence the schools elicit.

The campaign drops in early 2024 with fresh creative thinking and the beginning of a new visual language helping to reveal the educational excellence of Prior Park Schools for children from 3–18.

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Posted by Jack Owen