Brand – Oct, 2023


Excellent piece on #rebranding on #bbc #radio4 yesterday. The bottom Line with #EvanDavis and his guests; #LeeRolston, (chief growth officer at Jones Knowles Ritchie), #CarolineWiertz (professor of marketing at Bayes Business School – City, University of London), Amanda Mackenzie (former chief marketing and communications officer at Aviva) and Keith Wells (founder and director of Brandwell).

The panel discuss the complexity of changing a company or product name, logo and message, the reasons for doing it and how to make it a success.

The discussion on Elon Musk’s decision to rename Twitter ‘X’ has been met with confusion – and in some cases even anger. The panel articulate why the ‘X’ rebrand is disaster in terms of loss of brand equity but suggest because Musk is a force of nature, he can bend the normal rules. And, in some ways the ‘X’ brand is now arguably more inline with the less pleasant platform experience it has now become under Musk’s tenure.

An excellent takeaway from Kieth Wells is the three ‘P’s’. Physique (physical), Personality and Presentation. And, in that order. Thee is little point in significantly changing the outward manifestation of a #brand (name, #logo, look and feel) if it is not the outward expression of the corporate strategy. The brand is what the brand does.

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