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Should display advertising be an important aspect of your brand and marketing efforts? | Ice House Design

Should display advertising be an important aspect of your brand and marketing efforts?

In days of old, the only way to achieve visual recognition of your brand was through physical advertising, TV ads and store locations. Now, with digital marketing, through display advertising you can have visual banners posted all over the internet, as far as your budget allows.  However, with relatively low CTR, it’s easy to ask the question: just how effective are they? The answer is, very! 

There are other metrics through which to measure their efficacy, some of which are quite abstract – this article looks into those in a bit more detail.

Brand awareness and display advertising

While display advertising may not convert clicks particularly effectively, it does wonders for brand awareness, which may be a more significant benefit in the long term. A study which looked at 675 campaigns from 2008 through to 2017 found that digital display advertising achieved on average a 21% increase in brand awareness. 

Those at the top end of the group saw increases of up to 55%, which shows what is possible with an effective and well thought out campaign.

Ignoring metrics such as brand awareness is representative of short term vision in the marketing world; while it’s true that CTR may bring about more short term profits for companies, they achieve relatively little for the long term health of the brand. 

Of course businesses need to remain profitable in the short term, but that by no means legitimises ignoring long term growth. Brand familiarity is not easy to measure, hence the need for broad studies and focus groups. It is however incredibly important, and marks the difference between anonymous brands lost in the market place and globally active icons of success such as Google and Apple.

The difference between a quick conversion, and sparking a long term awareness and intrigue in a brand, is significant. While high search results bring about a rapid customer conversion, this is dependent on consistently ranking highly – putting a brand in constant danger of being outperformed by another brand with a potentially bigger budget. 

With high levels of brand awareness, brand performance takes care of itself to a certain extent; customers become interested in the brand’s ideology and products, and actively search for them instead of broadly searching for the category in which they operate. 

In time, as long as the product or service being offered is exemplary, this facilitates the growth of a loyal customer base, which in turn grows itself through recommendation – the cheapest form of marketing! 

Accessibility and display advertising

So, Should display advertising be an important aspect of your brand and marketing efforts? Digital display advertising is an inexpensive way of achieving the same effects that traditional methods of advertising aim to achieve. Where billboards and television ads require massive production campaign budgets, banner adverts can be incredibly cheap. 

This makes it an accessible method of marketing for even the smallest start up brands with a forward thinking vision and one eye on the future of their brands perception. 

It’s important to also consider how your current brand is aligned, or at least set up to emerge into the world of display advertising. Are you proud of the design of your brand? Is it time for a much needed update? 

Our team at Ice House Design are here to help. Contact us for more information regarding a brand transformation, display advertising creative, and even just to explore your options when it comes reinventing the way the world sees your brand.

Posted by Jack Owen