Strategic Brand Design.

Brand must be considered a fundamental part of business strategy. For success, an organisation needs to have a clear purpose articulated lucidly across every aspect of the business. Good design brings clarity, creates differentiation, fosters loyalty and influences decision making. Thus, increasing sales with greater margins, attracting and retaining talent and importantly adding equity to the brand.

Strong brands always have a clear and relevant core idea and purpose. Sometimes existing brands become out of date or dulled from a changing commercial landscape and need refreshing. Usually there’s a visual manifestation of this change underpinned by a strategic refocussing.

Brands are sometimes created from scratch which offers huge potential and is exciting but, by definition, start at the very beginning.

We do both, brand origination and brand refreshes. We help with strategy, brand identity and creation of the visual language; the visual manifestation of a brand from the logo marque and colours, to layout and typography. It should convey the ethos, values and aspiration of an organisation and is the personality of a product, service, place or individual. It communicates its relationship with the world around it. A coherent visual identity underpinned by a considered brand strategy reaps real and tangible rewards.


In an ever changing digital landscape, it is critical for brands to project their values, ethos and characteristics accurately through a variety of digital media. Which channels are most suitable. What messages to push. And, make sure the brand experience is well considered and robust.


Often a printed piece of marketing or corporate collateral, from a brochure to a prospectus, may be the first time you communicate with someone. Clearly, it should articulate your brand values and be impactful. The design process will often involve copywriting, typography, photography, graphic design, illustration, materials choice and delivery method.


Persuasion is the name of the game – aiming an idea at the intended audience with skill and expertise. We work to engineer relevant, compelling and interesting ideas, products and events, capturing the attention of the right audience effortlessly and with precision.


Understanding and pleasure from a visit require balanced interventions. Using subtlety, sympathy and an understanding of the historical context, good interpretation must invigorate, inform and inspire. Cleverly deployed three dimensional and graphic design elements should add greater clarity and coherence.


From global players to entrepreneurial start-ups, we strive to create strategically smart design that communicates a brands unique narrative. In a crowded marketplace creativity and innovation packaging are hugely significant in differentiating a brand and getting them noticed and purchased.

Strategically minded, brand focussed.