Brand Design Agency, Bath

Branding to some purpose

Brand must be considered a fundamental part of business strategy. For success an organisation needs to have a clear purpose articulated clearly across every aspect of the business. Good branding for business is far from purely a tool for marketing departments. Core values, or a businesses ideology, should be the cornerstone of an organisation from human resources to finance.

Strong brands always have a clear and relevant core idea and purpose. Sometimes existing brands become out of date or dulled from a changing commercial landscape and need refreshing. Usually there’s a visual manifestation of this change underpinned by a strategic refocussing.


Brands are sometimes created from scratch which offers huge potential and is exciting but, by definition, start at the very beginning.

We do both, brand origination and brand refreshes. We help with strategy, brand identity and creation of the visual language; the visual manifestation of a brand from the logo marque and colours, to layout and typography. It should convey the ethos, values and aspiration of an organisation and is the personality of a product, service, place or individual. It communicates its relationship with the world around it. A coherent visual identity underpinned by a considered brand strategy reaps real and tangible rewards.


The core purpose, clarity and structure. Many organisations have several aspects to their offer. We help with where there should be unity and coherence and where it's helpful to create separation and difference.


In an ever changing digital landscape, it’s critical brands project their values, ethos and characteristics accurately through a variety of digital channels. Choosing the most suitable channels. Deciding which messages need to be pushed. And, making sure the brand experience is robust and well considered.


For more than 500 years the printed word has been something we trust. A medium that has authority and gravitas. The sheer joy conveyed through beautifully set type on fastidiously crafted pages, well considered stock and perfect binding. The fresh smell of ink and the feel of the paper. A print piece should articulate a brand’s values and be impactful. If the ambition is to convince a reader of care, craft and quality, much of the work is complete before a single page is turned.


While an extension to the brand, campaigns should shoot out of the stable, burn brightly and deliver a strong, clear message for a short time. They must be creative and disruptive to create cut through and must have a clear objective based on a strong proposition. We’ve been creating campaigns for two decades, collecting many awards along the way but the real test of success is in the results.

Strategically minded, brand focussed.