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The importance of the internal launch after brand change

Brand change: internal and external

The importance of the internal launch after brand change should not be underestimated. When brand development programmes are undertaken or work done on a new visual identity, it’s common to see external audiences considered more important than internal ones. Externally is where the customers are, right? It’s also easy to get carried away with the idea people outside the organisation are going to be wetting themselves in anticipation of your launch. Neither are correct.

The key to a successful brand launch starts from the inside. It’s important people inside the organisation clearly understand why a brand development or visual identity programme has been undertaken. It’s an opportunity to explain where the business has come from – people always forget – and where it’s going. Staff and stakeholder should feel included and aware they have an integral part to play. They should understand it, build on it and begin to live the new brand.

The internal launch must come before the external one. It can be done with as much exuberance felt necessary. Some organisations prefer more lowkey affairs other use the opportunity to stage much more upbeat launches with a party atmosphere. There is no right or wrong, just what best suits the brand and personnel. If the initial research stage from interviews and workshops has been conducted well, it is likely participants may see certain influences in the shaping of the brand. But what is most important is that they understand the ‘what’ and the ‘why’. Staff and stakeholders are the key to espousing the brand, bringing it to life, giving it depth and substance. They should nurture and protect it as it begins its new life.

Other entities or suppliers strongly associated with the organisation and significantly bound up with its future, in some cases, also be treated like internal audiences. An outsourced accounts and bookkeeping firm, for example, may have very high external contact and needs to be fully on-board with the brand, what it stands for and the new spirit of the organisation.

How the external launch is conducted, again, is dependent and the particular organisation. How high profile with how much fanfare. One thing is certain, there is really only one opportunity to bite this particular cherry. For a few days only the world will be a little more interested in your organisation and the new brand – but not that much. Therefore, it’s an opportunity to capitilise on this exposure communicating clearly the vision and the brands central, unifying purpose. But on thing is certain, the importance of the internal launch after brand change is critical to the coherence and clarity of your brand message.

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Posted by Jack Owen