Typography – Feb, 2022

Typography and your brand – why is it important?

Typography and your brand – why is it important? Your brand identity is made up of hundreds of small constituent parts, and one that is often overlooked by younger businesses is typography. 

Having your content displayed in a unique and compelling manner may not seem like something to prioritise, however, your approach to typography is something that will have a significant effect on the way your business is perceived. 

It’s something that people will subconsciously judge every time they read content put out by your brand, and should certainly not be overlooked. Below, we look in more depth at why it’s important, and how to make your typography and overall brand image fit together seamlessly.

What is typography?

First of all, a quick note on what typography actually is. Typography is the technique of creating and arranging letterforms into a textual format. It involves typefaces, sizes and composition and covers a variety of specifics, from layout and colour to type choice. 

Typographers are people who specialise in the art of typography and can be of great assistance when it comes to developing an approach to the application of written text and typographic arrangements.

Typography creates a powerful aesthetic

Other than perhaps audio content, every interaction with your brand will involve an interaction with typed out information. From the website about page to infographics posted on social media, the written word is an unavoidable necessity. 

The way in which text is written will subtly affect the way every word is perceived, and that effect can be controlled. Most businesses of a certain size choose to hire a typographist to help develop an approach to written content which remains consistent with the rest of their brand.

Typography helps with brand recognition

Typography contributes significantly to how your brand is perceived, and it will also affect how well your brand is recognised. Having a unique approach to text layout and design will help to catch the eye of people searching for the service or product you offer, helping your brand to stand out from the crowd. While it’s important to stand out, it’s also important that your approach to typography reflects the niche you operate in. Certain approaches would be unsuitable for a professional service while being totally suited to a business operating in the entertainment industry.

Typography reflects intention and values

An approach to typography doesn’t just lead to a pretty aesthetic, it also reflects a broader set of values. Largely through prior industry associations, different fonts and colour schemes evoke specific connotations, which can either be positive or detrimental to your brand-building efforts. 

Carefully consider how your typography will be perceived by others, with a focus on maintaining brand consistency. 

Typographists can greatly assist with this process. Personal research, and of course focus groups, can also help with judging more accurately how your approach to typography will actually be perceived outside of your creative sphere, helping to ensure that no inappropriate styling points slip through the cracks in the creative process.

If you’re lost on where to start, we’d be more than happy to help. Our experienced design team works across brand disciplines to ensure consistency at every stage. Get in touch directly to discuss your requirements. 


Posted by Jack Owen