Brand – May, 2021

Upholding brand standards when working from home

Naturally, upholding brand standards when working from home is more difficult. Working away from colleagues provides employees less contact with the brand and its assets. Opportunities to build and reinforce an organisations brand values underpinned by a visible shared identity, stability and cohesion are inevitably less frequent. As a consequence there is more likelihood of corrosion of the encouraged good practice and a natural erosion of brand understanding. Communications may begin to deviate in detrimental ways. Partly out of reduced corporate and social contact but also in some cases due to technical limitations working remotely ordinarily attracts. 

Previously encouraged brand rigour diminishes and standards begin to slip. Organisations who manage this change best, maintaining excellent brand communications and interactions, both internal and external, will emerge stronger than competitors with less rigour. 

Good corporate communications fosters loyalty, creates easier recognition, stimulates an understanding of a brands personality and builds trust. Disintegration due to brand neglect develops fissures in audience perception breaking the previously made, and largely sub conscious, brand promises. 

So how best can brands maintain standards when the new normal is for much more remote working and less daily contact with colleagues?

1. Don’t use the pandemic as an excuse to deliver lower standards.

2. Motivated, contented colleagues who feel a sense of shared identity, belonging and common purpose are far more likely to be correctly espousing the values of the organisation and upholding brand standards when working from home.

3. If a brand is strong, a clear sense of purpose will be entrenched within. Good brand communications should share important messages, and bound with the core idea of the brand, should help build and grown the brand.

4. If you don’t have already, appoint a brand guardian. Create a role at senior level overseeing all activities from a brand perspective. From comms to recruitment, strategy to infrastructure.

5. Avoid a parallel culture where the virtual management and workforce has significantly less contact and collaboration than others leading to isolation and disenfranchiment. Ultimately this manifests in a deterioration of brand performance.

6. Make the tech fit the job rather than the other way round. 

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Posted by Jack Owen