Ice House Design are a brand and website design agency. Building brands using digital and traditional disciplines. We create intelligent and compelling websites to build meaningful and beautiful brands —

Web design services from a creative perspective.

Website design is at the heart of an online connection. The importance of digital communications, as part of a brand experience, cannot be overstated. Ice House Design have been designing websites for clients for many decades. Espousing the values and personality of an organisation through design and tech.

Coherent and consistent application of the brand identity signifies a considered and professional inward foundation. Branded communications and collateral, apart from sharing important messages and information, can help build brands – from the structure and layout, language and imagery to proportions, typography and colour.

Whether digital, print or in three dimensions, every touch point or branded communications contributes to building a picture of the brand. Context and channels, materials and messages play a part in articulating the core values and ideals of the brand. Describe its promise and espouse its reason for being.

In most instances, we will build websites that have a content management system (CMS) within. This means the important areas of the websites, clients can make changes as they require. We provide training so clients are comfortable with day to day updates and changes. We do not use bespoke code for the websites we design. We believe if a client is keen to change their website supplier for any reason, the code is understood by other developers and don’t have to start again from scratch. Often we’ll use platforms such as WordPress or SquareSpace. There are always good aspects and less good bits to every possibility. We will always explain what the advantages and disadvantages there are to each choice and make our recommendation to clients from an informed and objective position

Questions we're often asked

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