Websites – Dec, 2018

Bath based – globally admired. Photographers new website

Rooted in Bath, Nick Smith is an internationally recognised and esteemed photographer. His work has informed and shaped thousands of pieces of communication over the years. Capturing moments, creating beauty and building brands from Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons to the Bank of England.
Ice House Design were asked to create a new website for him. Lovely. Images on photographers’ websites have to be amazing. Obviously. Make them visible, strong and powerful. Show context, provide evidence of a body of work in a particular discipline, range of clients etc, yes, yes.  That’s what is expected.  But, it’s what’s unexpected that makes the difference. The difference that really makes a difference.
Bit of a generalisation, but in our experience photographers tend to be very good around people. And sometimes really, really good. Nick Smith is really, really great. And, he needs to be. Given 45 seconds to get the shot of a multi-national CEO one day, a dozen starred Michelin chef the next and an overtired group of 4 year olds the following. The personality of a photographer, their ability to speak, joke, cajole and relax subjects is key to whether they ultimately get the shot.
As with most pieces of communication – and a photographer’s website is no different – it is incumbent on a design agency to, sure, do what is expected, to qualify, but more importantly, do the extra thing that makes the difference.  The real difference. Tick the box then rub it out.
Nick Smith is a smashin’, cultivated fellow with a big Bath tempered, Yorkshire heart. For us, it’s this, just as much as his ability to take a very decent snap. Go and visit his website and see for yourself.
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Posted by Jack Owen