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What influences brand perception (and what can you do to help)? | Ice House Design

What influences brand perception (and what can you do to help)? When running a business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day operations involved in offering that product or service. It’s easy to become isolated in terms of your viewpoint – becoming so involved in the business that you never step outside, to see how others may perceive what you’re offering and how it’s offered. 

Despite its ease of being overlooked, brand perception is absolutely essential to both the growth and sustainability of a business. Just because it’s more difficult to measure than simple stats like sales and CTR, doesn’t mean you can’t get a handle on both measuring and aiding in its improvement. 

So how can you improve the perception of your brand? And what do you need to focus on? Let’s take a look. 

Measurement and brand perception

While brand perception may seem slightly abstract, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to measure, it just takes a little more effort and know how. Focus groups, while expensive, are a good controlled way to gauge brand perception. Companies offer the service, and while it often isn’t cheap, the results can be eye opening.

Another, cheaper way, is to look up reviews, and read how people rate their interaction with your business. 

This will show you individual, qualitative experiences of how your brand is perceived, and will directly alert you as to how you can improve those experiences. You can also look at social media mentions, by searching on Twitter or Instagram for hashtags and other mentions. This leads directly onto the next point.

Interaction and brand perception

A way to improve brand perception is through interaction. Show that you’re listening to concerns pointed out in reviews and on social media by directly replying to them – this makes customers feel like their concerns are heard, and other people looking at reviews of your business will be more likely to purchase your product, with the knowledge that there’s good support in the case that something were to go wrong.

Google alerts and brand perception

Trawling the web for mentions of your business can be a laborious and thus expensive task, however there are tools which can simplify the process for you. 

One of these is Google Alerts; you can tell it which keywords you would like to be monitored, and any time one of those is mentioned online, you will be alerted. 

This helps with real time monitoring and also allows for quick damage control; if someone posts a negative review of your business, it is imperative that it is dealt with quickly, before potential customers are dissuaded by the review.

Brand consistency and brand perception

So, what influences brand perception? A key influencer of brand perception is brand consistency – that is how everything involved in the experience links together. People hang onto the negatives – if you offer an amazing product but sub par after purchase support, people won’t remember the product but how hard it was to have their concerns heard and acted upon. 

Subtle things like inconsistent brand messages and ideals will confuse people, and potentially lead them to think negatively about your business. Brand consistency can be aided through creating and adhering to strict brand guidelines, which will help tie together the different elements of your brand and facilitate interdepartmental cohesion. 

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Posted by Jack Owen