Brand – Jan, 2022

What is a brand tapestry?

So, what is a brand tapestry exactly? A brand tapestry, or brand space, is an important concept to keep in mind when building and marketing a brand. It essentially covers any digital or physical space where your brand aims to have a presence. It is a coherent and cohesive interwoven expression of the brand and its values in all its operating spheres. 

In this article, we take a look at what brand tapestry is, and how you can optimise the presence of your business in these spaces, in doing so optimising how your business is perceived by the public.

A brand tapestry, think big

A brand tapestry is everything to your brand. It determines your target customer base, and depending on your targeted spaces, it will greatly influence your marketing strategies. It’s important to think creatively – there may be certain spaces which are traditionally associated with your business niche, but it’s highly likely that there are areas of untapped potential.

Thinking big can also be subtle; achieving brand presence in a space doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have your logo pasted everywhere. It could be something as subtle as having the area expressing the colour palette and typographic arrangements consistent with visual identity protocols.

A brand tapestry should be adaptable and work within all spaces 

A brand tapestry is a very broad concept and there’s huge variety in the types of space you can integrate your branding within. From entrance ways and signage to websites and social media, each will have the purpose of spreading the brand image, however different spaces will have a nuanced method of achieving this. Some spaces may focus on interactivity, while others may be more passive.

Passive spaces should reflect your brand design, get people comfortable with it and help them identify your brand intuitively. Passive spaces tend to be thoughtfully designed, then built and left for the long hand. 

Interactive spaces should provide exemplary experiences, remarkable enough that people remember your business by them. Interactive spaces of this nature are often labour intensive, but they can be temporary, such as pop up events!

Current vs future brand presence

A brand tapestry doesn’t just cover the locations your brand is in currently. It also includes any spaces you imagine the brand will exist in the future. For example, growing from within Bath to the wider South West, or taking a national brand to international level. 

Limiting your perception of potential markets and brand tapestries will create unnecessary boundaries to growth. The sky’s the limit, and this type of brand design and marketing is truly an area that you can get creative in!

Keep brand values in mind

When considering how your brand is represented in a space, the focus should of course be on customer perception. 

The saying that any press is good press does not apply here – each space in which your brand is present should be carefully curated with customer experience in mind. You want to create a positive experience, but also one which is closely connected to your brand ideals. 

It’s a two-part formula; having an engaging aesthetic is part of the goal, but if it doesn’t closely relate to your brand, it won’t be serving its purpose. Want to discuss brand design or aspects of your brand and how a dedicated team of professionals can help? We’d love to chat. Get in touch with the Ice House Design team today at your earliest convenience.

Posted by Jack Owen