Brand – Feb, 2022

What is brand recognition?

What is brand recognition? One of the key priorities when considering brand design is how recognisable the brand identity will be. An effective approach to brand recognition helps to facilitate ongoing and productive relationships with customers and clients and should be an informing factor in your brand development strategy.

In this article, we look at some elements of brand building that help make a brand recognisable in the right way, to help with any attempts to build or develop an existing brand.

Brand recognition – uniqueness

Part of achieving strong brand recognition is developing a unique brand design. Often a brand  is keen to stand out. This must always be for the right reasons. Catching the eye and captivating the mind are a winning combination fo those that come into contact with the brand. The visual side doesn’t stray too far from the old advertising mantra AIDA (attention, interest, decision, action).

However, uniqueness should exist within a certain set of parameters. The brand identity design must be appropriate to the business it represents. There is no gain from trying to be something the organisation clearly isn’t. This only leads to barriers in communication and the impression of subterfuge / lack of authenticity.

Brand recognition – relevance

For a brand identity to remain recognisable, it must also remain relevant and sensitive to the current social and political climate.

While the saying goes that all press is good press, a brand stands to benefit far more from being recognised for the right reasons than the wrong ones. Remaining relevant is part of this; it might necessitate occasional developments of brand identity strategy, but the biggest brands, such as Nike, Google and Apple have all shown that pivots in marketing strategy are effective if made for the right reasons. Brand strategy is not a rule book to be followed at every juncture irrespective of the landscape. It is a broad set of ideas will small incremental decisions made continuously but all underpinned by considered plan.

Brand recognition – authenticity

The most effective way of achieving brand recognition is through offering a product that is both authentic and viable. There is no point creating a brand identity that tries to be something the business is not.

Attempts to market a product that people don’t want, or a product of low quality, will generally fail. If not in the short term, then with near certainty in the long term (good advertising makes a bad product go out of business more quickly). People can see through false facades, and with consumer confidence at a near all-time low, people are especially sceptical. An honest approach to brand development and marketing will help ensure brand consistency, one of the most important contributors to brand recognition.

Brand recognition – consistency

People recognise things which they’re familiar with. Brand consistency is one of the most important things to consider when trying to achieve brand recognition, and it should inform all other areas of brand development.

Brand consistency can be achieved through the use of style guides and effective staff training, which help to ensure all members of the staff are thoroughly informed on appropriate brand styling and tone. Style guides can include information on appropriate use of colour palettes, logo positioning, as well as a whole host of other details. With all that said, it is very important to keep on thinking, new ideas, initiatives and developments. Brand strategy is about making informed choices on the fly determined by circumstance and context. It most certainly is not a rule book that must be followed to the letter in any condition.

Avoid the usual, the normal and the average

While it can feel safe to follow other market trends, creating a ‘generic’ brand will only be successful if you have a huge marketing budget.

Generic brands only work on massive scales, and even then, they will be limited by the fact that they will face enormous amounts of competition. Research and learn from the competition, but be sure to offer something fresh.

If you want to brand recognition, you may need to first start with a complete overhaul. And, our team can help. Contact us to discuss a transformation of your brand.

Posted by Jack Owen