Brand – Jan, 2022

When is rebranding not a good idea – and when it is

When is rebranding not a good idea? Sometimes, businesses have the urge to go through a rebrand programme. This happens to all business owners at some point, no matter their size. It’s certainly something many businesses consider in the new year when they’re looking for a change. 

When things get rough, it can be tempting to seek a fresh approach, to shake things up a little, but wanting to rebrand can also just be the result of being bored! In this article, we take a look at when a rebrand isn’t an appropriate response, going through some common scenarios when it’s best to hold strong and trust in the process.

Rebrand vs brand refresh

When is rebranding not a good idea? First, it’s important to point out the differences between a rebrand and a brand refresh. Rebranding is a significant undertaking – it involves a complete brand overhaul, with potential changes to the strategic direction, name, visual identity including, logo marque, colour palette and typography (font) etc. 

A brand refresh could involve tweaking an already strong brand slightly, to help it stay relevant, fresh and attractive. A refresh can involve extensive change, but it can also be relatively minor – it depends on how much we believe it is necessary to help your brand stay sharp and relevant.

You want a new style

It’s easy to conflate personal preference with what’s best for a business. You’ll be surrounded by your business and its brand identity all the time and of course it’s natural to become resident to its charms and benefits. If you think your brand identity is no longer attracting the appropriate audiences, make sure that you get external points of view before committing to a rebrand programme. 

Use focus groups, surveys, any one of the plethora of options available for gauging public opinion. If focus groups find that the branding is tired and in effective, then it may be appropriate to rebrand – if they still find it appealing, you should listen to considered audiences and persevere.

Your product or service is below the correct standard

Nothing mades a bad product go out of business more quickly that good promotion. Businesses can make a mistake of promoting well a poor product or service but seem it tumble more quickly than less good advertising. They conflate a failed product with a failure in brand. If you’re not satisfying your customers’ demands, changing your visual identity won’t solve that! It won’t drive up satisfaction, it won’t change your business reviews – you’d be better off using your resources to get useful good information from your customer base, and tweak the offer based on that information. 

So, when is rebranding not a good idea? Refreshed brands can sometimes be an unhelpful way of delaying real change – make sure you don’t fall for that trap.

Sales have taken a hit

A knee-jerk reaction to low sales is often to rebrand. What should be your first step is figuring out why sales are down – rarely will a rebrand be an appropriate response. It could be that there’s a natural slump in the market, that your product is underperforming, or you’re no longer spending as much on your marketing effort.

Building a brand is not an overnight fix. Good brands are built on a clear strategy or core idea. This is not a lengthy action plan. It is the evolution of a central idea through continually changing circumstances. Don’t expect to see instant and dramatic rises in sales but more of a gradual increase and understanding and meaningfulness which in turn will reap great rewards.

It could be the case that the market has adopted a new trend, and you’ve been slow to catch on. In this case, a slight tweak to your brand may be appropriate, but only if it’s in direct response to solid and pertinent information.Whether you’re a business in the South West specifically or are global and considering a multifaceted rebrand, our team at Ice House Design can help. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your requirements.

Posted by Jack Owen