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When is rebranding the right thing to do? | Ice House Design

Sometimes, a brand just needs a kick-start to get it to truly flourish. It may have a solid foundation, and a viable product or service to sell, it just isn’t achieving the level of competitive success it should be. 

In situations like these, it may be worth considering whether what you need to consider is whether rebranding the right thing to do. Below, we go into some of the signs that it might be time for a shakeup! 

 Your brand is too safe

Sometimes, when a brand enters the marketplace for the first time, it can be attractive to play it safe and fit in with the competition, at least until you’ve reached a certain level of success. While this can be a safe option, it can also harm your ability to grow. 

If a lot of the brands in your niche are too similar, and use generic or stock graphics and keywords, you’re hurting your brand by giving potential clients nothing to grab onto.  

By rebranding, you can break out of that still water, giving your brand some impetus. It might be something as simple as slightly changing your colour palette and altering your font! Rebranding can take on many shapes and forms, and doesn’t necessarily have to shake your brand to the foundations. 

 Your brand is outdated

Trends change, and brands have to change to match them. Just think, Comic Sans was once something cool: to suggest launching a brand with a Comic Sans primary font nowadays would have you laughed out of the room. 

Again, rebranding to keep up with the times doesn’t and indeed shouldn’t happen all at once, but there will be watershed moments – picture Apple’s shift from IOS 6 to IOS 7 – the aesthetic change was drastic, and incredibly effective! 

Making sure you don’t become stale and dated is something to constantly review, and will give you the necessary opportunities to stay creative and implement new design ideas.

You’ve left yourself behind

Businesses evolve. It’s a natural process that can occur over time – you might have been given the opportunity to pivot, and in the focus and chaos of targeting a fresh market or significantly altering what you offer, have neglected to change your branding. 

For example, you may have started producing a significantly more premium product and targeting a more affluent market than before; if you continued to operate using your old brand language and visual design, you could be devaluing your now high-end offering, potentially pushing away the very people you’re now supposed to be targeting.

While a good creative team should be able to keep your brand design in line with the product or service you offer, it may be that the multiple departments don’t coordinate, especially if the change in offering is subtle or changes over time. It can also be difficult to see the two grow apart from an internal perspective! 

Regardless of how experienced and competent your team is, it’s a good idea to at least occasionally outsource to gain a fresh viewpoint, and get a report on your brand’s suitability both to the current market place and to the rest of your company. 

Lost on where to start? We’ve been there. We’d love to chat about whether a rebrand is the right thing to do for your business. 


Posted by Jack Owen