Branding – Mar, 2019

When should an organisation rebrand?

When and why should an organisation rebrand. Full re-brands are rare. Though it does happen, there are not many situations where a company has fundamentally changed its proposition, outlook and core values for it to be necessary to entirely change the brand.  Perhaps in situations where a company has been so badly tainted by negative publicity, it’s one of the last few options available. The Townsend Thoresen brand was badly damaged after the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster in 1987 it was quickly dropped to become P&O European Ferries. Red to blue. Other examples are when two or more organisations come together as one. In 2016 we were tasked with the new Redmaids’ High School brand. A combination of two very established and well respected girls’ schools in Bristol; Redland High School for Girls and the Redmaids School – the oldest girls’ school in the country. A project requiring taking the most important aspects of both entities and forming something new, progressive and inspiring.

It’s far more common to refresh a brand. Brands sometimes want to re-vitalise, re-energise, re-inspire and re-focus – articulating a new vision. Sometimes to describe better what they do, connect more meaningfully with their customers, staff and stakeholders or sharpen up areas of the business which are not working hard enough. This may have come about from such things as increased competition in a sector. It may be a brand has become tired from lack of care, investment and being taken for granted. It may look and feel out of date leading to internal complacency and under performance. Or, it may simply be a new Chief Exec. wants to make a fresh start. All of these reasons are valid. But, there is always a trigger – it should not be change for change sake.

Every organisation is different and subsequently every branding programme should be tailored to suit the requirements of that business. Once it has been determined that a branding programme is to be undertaken, it is important senior management are close to the project and clear about the long term objectives.

If you would like to hear how Ice House Design would approach a refresh or rebrand of your organisation, you may book an hour consultation with a senior creative in our Bath office. The consultancy fee is £86. The discussion will cover your objectives, the process, likely fees and what you can expect as a result. Call on 01225 466 080.


Posted by Jack Owen