Print – Oct, 2021

Why brochure design matters

Why brochure design matters. When designed correctly, brochures can be an excellent marketing tool to add to your marketing communications arsenal. They offer a type of personal interactivity akin to that facilitated by digital media, while maintaining the physical presence of traditional print media. 

However, as brochures are often displayed in close proximity to brochures from other competing businesses, design is as important as content; in order to stand out from the competition, the design has to different enough to sufficiently pique the interest of those audiences. Below, we take a look at just why brochure design is so important, with some top tips on how to perfect your approach.

First impressions matter

It may be a slightly hackneyed phrase, but it’s true that first impressions matter, and they’re especially important for brands. While a brochure can act as an excellent introduction to your business, it can be equally detrimental if you’re not careful and attentive. 

Don’t think of brochures as something you can throw out at random – brochure design matters as they’re literally brand ambassadors that will continue to maintain a presence wherever they happen to be.

Brand consistency

As with all other brand communications, we want your brochure to remain consistent with the rest of your visual identity and brand design. The brochure shouldn’t just be well designed, it should use the same fonts, colour schemes, and margins as the rest of your marketing collateral – both online and in print. 

Those who are already clients should be able to recognise immediately the brochure represents your organisation and brand, and new clients should be able to make a link by association, language, tone design, messaging and many other visual and linguistic cues.

Be concise

Consider the purpose of the brochure. Brochures need to contain information they need for their intention but not more than is necessary. Don’t try to cram in too much detail if it is superfluous. The important messages won’t get across so well – be concise, and don’t say more than you need to. That might be as simple as describing your service and giving clear contact details! The design is far more important than detailed content; if people want to research your brand, they will do so online. The brochure is there to pique their interest and give them a name and contact details.

Location specificity

One of the reasons that brochure design matters and  can be so effective is how effectively you can target a specific audience. Whether you  hand the brochures out at a conference, drop them through letterboxes or have them in specific locations for people to pick up, you can target certain locations in a way that few other methods of marketing can achieve.

Brochure design matters for stand out

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the main reasons you need an effective brochure design is in order to stand out from the competition.

If a collection of brochures is gathered, as is often the way when potential clients are researching, for example, a car, kitchen or school,  they’ll have to compete with the other players on the market – your brochure needs to different enough so it’s noticed. We need to catch someone’s attention quickly enough so they select our brochure and not the one next to it. We can’t be lazy, as we don’t have a monopoly on marketing spaces! 

As a leading creative agency, our team at Ice House Design are here to help with both online and offline brand design requirements. Good brochure design really matters and focussing on it’s primary purpose is key. Get in touch via our contact form today and speak to a member of our expert team. 


Posted by Jack Owen