Advertising – Aug, 2021

Why does design matter for social media campaigns?

Social media campaigns have to work in a very specific way, as a result of operating through the medium they do: they have to be visually striking, attention grabbing and subtle, to stand out in a fast-paced world full of content which is all designed to get your attention. 

Creating something which attracts enough attention to be noticed, while not so loud so as to drive someone away, is a very fine line to walk, but when done well it marks the difference between average and brilliant marketing campaigns! 

Attention to detail is also paramount, and how the ‘little’ things combine to make the whole will, to a large degree, determine the success or failure of your marketing strategy. 

Below we give insider-top tips on how to create an effective design for your social media campaign, and why they matter.

Fit for the format

While you want your campaign to remain consistent with the rest of your brand, you also want to tailor it to a certain degree to fit the format you’re using. 

Successful Instagram campaigns have a certain aesthetic which works, and while of course you need to add your own nuances to stand out, matching that season’s fashion and iteration of the app design are a key to success. Do your market research, and copy the looks that are reeling in the clicks.

Original social media campaigns

While at first glance this may appear to contradict the advice given above, you can absolutely be originally creative within a given general framework. While you want to take tips from other successful campaigns, your aim isn’t to copy their work verbatim, just to seek general inspiration. Thinking big and breaking new waters can absolutely work – being bold can often pay dividends! Just be wary of abandoning too many of the principles which are tried and tested, as they work for a reason.

Create a narrative

It can be easy with social media campaigns to get carried away in the visual department, and while that may create a very eye-catching poster, that alone is not enough to achieve marketing success. 

An abstract graphic might stick out, but unless it connects to an engaging narrative, it won’t be memorable, it won’t draw people in for more than that initial glance. Tell a story that intrigues people, and shows more of what lies at the heart of your brand.

Review before you publish your social media campaign

You can have brilliant campaign ideas, but you won’t know until they’re all put together whether or not they create an effective and cohesive end product. 

Before publishing, you should preview the campaign, and see what it looks like in a feed with your competitors’ content, and how well it fits with the rest of your previous content. If it sticks out in a negative way, you may have to replan – your campaign won’t exist in a vacuum, and you have to consider that during and after the design stage! Looking for help on where to get started with your advertising collateral, or want to discuss wider aspects of your brand?

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Posted by Jack Owen