Brand – Dec, 2021

Why is brand identity so important?

If you had to pick one aspect that all highly successful businesses have in common, it would probably be an appreciation for the importance of strong brand identity. Without a robust brand, any business, no matter how good their product or service is, becomes to an extent obsolete, lost in the pile of other similar businesses out there.

Brand identity is what puts your business apart from the rest, making it both unique and appealing. 

Brand identity – what is it?

Brand identity is the combination of elements that come to mind when you think of a particular business. It’s the image that a business portrays, enabling people to easily grasp the values and services associated with the company. It is a the collective essence of an organisation capturing its ethos, values and outlook.

Brand identity is the combination of lots of small pieces of a larger puzzle – from colour palette to customer service, typeface, product relevance and logo design. It’s a complex matter, combining the art of design with the science of marketing. Moreover, brand identity transcends marketing and should run through R&D, customer services, human resources and actually every aspect of the business.


One of the most important things that brand identity facilitates is recognition. People are more inclined to use the services of a company that they recognise easily, one which appears like a familiar face in the plethora of options that exist when choosing a business. 

Making it easier for people to pick out your brand is incredibly important; keep your brand design simple, make it catchy and easily identifiable, and people will reward you with their custom.


If you offer an exemplary product or service, it’s possible that you’ll have attracted a few loyal customers through that alone.  It’s likely that they’ll want to refer you to their associates and friends – make it easy for that to happen, make your brand identity friendly and approachable. Referral is one of the easiest forms of marketing; make it easy for people to refer your business, and consider rewarding referees.

Trust and loyalty

In order to facilitate a relationship of trust and loyalty, you have to make your business more than just an efficient machine. 

Create an identity, a powerful aesthetic that people can grasp ahold of, something visual that comes to mind when they hear your brand name. People don’t like to feel ambivalent, the natural tendency is a desire to develop relationships; help people to develop a positive one with your brand.


One of the most important things that a strong brand identity provides is a sense of legitimacy. People want to interact with a business which looks like it knows what it’s doing; persuade people that you’re an expert in your field, through showing examples, testimonials, and a sleek and consistent brand. 

This sense of legitimacy will attract customers, and promote that relationship of trust and loyalty mentioned above.

Facilitate marketing

It’s very hard to effectively market an idea which is vague and hard to grasp. Creating a strong brand identity will help to facilitate more effective marketing campaigns, which in turn will help establish your brand’s identity. 

Your branding, especially your logo and brand name, enable the creation of marketing content which is memorable and easy to interpret, helping people to approach your business with confidence and a more complete idea of what to expect.

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Posted by Jack Owen